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It’s what you do with the feedback, that really matters…

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There are many struggles in life, but for me, sometimes it's finding the words to place onto the page. Writing is away to create new worlds, explore, and experience so many different emotions. Also to tell stories that matter. With reading we learn not only to write, but certain stories and characters will change us through out our lives. A proud Greek Latina. I’m Christy from South Texas.

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It’s a bit difficult for me to hear someone’s response over a story or poem I’ve written. One worry is that they will notice every thing that I already know needs work, & the other that it’s not good enough. I was reminded this month (though the South Texas Scribes & The Writers Group) that if those who are reading your work are noticing what you do, and not much more than that. It means that you’re on the right track. The only thing now I need to start doing is editing what has been commented on during our first two Writers Group meetings (with my friends, Melissa & Wendy).

I’ve already shared two chapters of my novel with Melissa & Wendy. I think continuing to get feedback will help me to improve what I have written and finish soon the end of the novel. What worries me of jumping in and actually editing these two chapters is the idea that I still don’t know enough to add more. Though if I leave it for later it will just be even harder for me to start. Plus as Melissa & Wendy mentioned to me, I already have the bare bones of my story. So it should be easy to add from what I have.

I want my story to be well worth reading. I don’t want some one to read two pages, or two chapters, and then give up on the story. Though I should say the same thing to myself, I shouldn’t give up no matter if it ever will be printed. I promised a friend I would ePub if I had to at least so some people could get a chance to read it. Even though my novel isn’t at all ready to be published. At least four more edited versions, or more, before I even decide to ePub it. I just need to sit down, and focus on editing what I’ve written. Easier said than done, right?

Besides that, I like hearing feedback on my story when it feels like I heading the right direction. More so I enjoy giving feedback on my fellow writer/friend’s work. Just talking about writing with people who understand, and listening to tips/advice on stories just gives me a feeling like there are other people like me. Even the word “joy” doesn’t completely describe it.

There are moments where I feel like I’m back in one of my creative writing classes with the Jacksons. Other times it’s just feels like I’m stepping into the world of writers. Where we truly can explore and share to our hearts content.


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  2. blondmyk says:

    You aren’t alone in this Philosopher. I too have the same fears of sending my work out only to find that It’s not good enough. I fear criticism for some reason, and I think that because of that I will never be a writer. I’m NEVER satisfied with what I write myself, so how can I expect anyone else to be? I think its good that you are listening to Melissa and Wendy. I’ll bet if you keep doing what they tell you to do you’ll be well on your way. You ARE very talented. You just need to accept it yourself.

    • blondmyk says:

      Well heck! This is about Christy, not Philosopher! Sorry about that error. The thought still applies though. I’ve read some of your work too and you are very talented as well! Since I cannot delete my previous comment, I’ll let you decide to delete it or not.

      • Christina says:

        It’s okay. I’m sorry for the confusion, since I added Philosophy in the title of my blog. Thank you. I’ll keep your comment because I really liked what you wrote.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, I do need to accept it myself. That way it will be a bit more easier for me to edit from feedback/criticism. Though I think a little bit of fear/worry might actually be good because it helps you work on your writing to improve. I’ll continue to listen to feedback no matter what.

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