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Live Out Your Imagination

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There are many struggles in life, but for me, sometimes it's finding the words to place onto the page. Writing is away to create new worlds, explore, and experience so many different emotions. Also to tell stories that matter. With reading we learn not only to write, but certain stories and characters will change us through out our lives. A proud Greek Latina. I’m Christy from South Texas.

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“Indulge your imagination in every possible flight…” – Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

There is three things I like to imagine… besides traveling to Greece, having adventures in the UK, and imagining myself in my favorite stories.

Now which three things may I be referring to? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s several things that I would like to accomplish in my life.

Have you ever had a “Bucket List”? You know, things that you would really want to do in your life before you pass away. I know it can sound a bit depressing, but I think it’s a great way to make sure you take every moment for granted. As much as bungee jumping is thrilling, it’s not all about dangerous thrills. It can be just things that you haven’t done yet, but you’ve wondered about doing. For example, the National Novel Writing Month. I took the challenge to write a novel and though I didn’t finish in time, I was able to write more than I could ever imagine.

Since I was younger, I liked the idea of writing a story that could be published, but it never was some thing I thought I could accomplish. Though I still haven’t published a fictional story. I’ve written several articles when I worked for my local university student newspaper. It was my chance to experience how Lois Lane felt like for a while, until I realized that I really enjoyed creative writing. I’ve been determine to write stories that I could share, even if they don’t become published in print. Though it’s much harder than just having an idea, and just putting it down on paper. Though it’s a good start. You have to be determined to keep going no matter what, because your characters deserve their story to be told. I have seen authors in person excited to share their work with others that really enjoy reading their stories. I want to strive to at least get one of my stories to be published. Not for the success, but because I want an opportunity to share my own stories with others. Hopefully readers will enjoy my stories as much I enjoy writing them.

I wouldn’t be the writer I am today, if it weren’t for my wonderfully amazing college professors. They have taught me the tools to create a story, but their teaching inspired me to pursue writing more than just getting an A. Their passion for literature flowed through them when they instructed. They made me see the world from different perspectives and think critically. They show each class that if you’re determine to do something, you will accomplish it, even if it’s different from you expected. There is something about sharing knowledge of literature, and inspiring them to continue to strive towards their dreams. Maybe that’s why I’ve decided to apply to grad school for a M.A. (starting in the Fall of this year) and then head towards the direction for a Ph.D. I know it will be a difficult journey, but I know it will be worth it. It will help me accomplish two things, instruct future writers and continue to pursue my own creative writing. I know you don’t have to go to grad school to be published, but I think it will help me improve my writing skills.

Next to growing more in my religious faith, the third (or really the first) thing I really desire to accomplish is falling in love. Someone who will love me for me. Someone that I can be open to talk to, that will be there for me, and make my life an adventure. Someone who I will love him for everything he is. Someone who I can support in all his accomplishments, and even when life isn’t as great. Someone that can be my partner, and my best friend. I think the greatest story is a love story. Love interweaves in all our stories because it’s something we need as much as we desire. It also inspires that love can be attainable no matter what your circumstances. It’s part of our human condition. Though it’s not as easy as we see in stories, especially in the movies. Though it makes it far more worth it when you finally receive the chance. At least, that’s what I keep in mind.

A lot of these seem far from my reach, but I know they are possible. All I really know is that I must keep striving towards these desires so they become more than just imaginary. For the alternative, doing nothing, is letting failure win. Just keep doing your best, and don’t let others tell you that you’re not trying. For any step, no matter how small, is a step forward.

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