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30 Poems In 30 Days: Flight (Day 30)


Flight by Christy V.

A place I’ve only seen

In movies and stories

So many writers want

To write about this city

I’m about to take flight

A place filled with lights

A city that never sleeps

From a small city town

Comes a star so bright

Along Broadway nights

Sit back and relax, it is

Going to be a long flight

All the cost will be worth

Everything I see and meet

Soon I’ll hear the attendant

Say welcome to New York City


30 Poems In 30 Days: Meditative Pond (Day 29)

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Meditative Pond by Christy V.

Be aware and present in the moment

Look at the nature surrounding us

The sights, sounds, and smells

Focus on our breathing

One, two, three, four

Let go of the negatives

Let them fall into the water

Lean forward to the positives

They will come to us like

The duck heading to shore

Things will come when they’re

Meant to for all sorts of reasons

Sharing our thoughts brings us

Unexpected peace to our minds

We head to thoughtful places

No matter where we are

Even creating a pond

Within our minds

30 Poems In 30 Days: A Daily Cup Of Tea (Day 28)

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A Daily Cup Of Tea by Christy V.

Poetry is like a daily cup of tea

The poet brings what is necessary

To brew a teapot to the brim

The leaves are the elements of life

The water is the empty page

The taste is the emotions

Brought to the surface

The teapot needs direction

The poet’s hands lead the words

Pouring thoughts slowly

To place the tea in the cup

The tea is set out for everyone

Including the poet waiting

To see what the reception will be

Each sip brings forward

The familiar and unexpected

The poet must be ready to brew

The teapot at any moment

Especially poems that are meant

To be shared to those who are ready

To experience something special

30 Poems In 30 Days: XXVII (Day 27)

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XXVII by Christy V.

Like as the waves make towards the shore,

We start the day with each minute

Changing what went before

Forward we head with content

As the light shines on everything

Crowned as princesses and princes

We fight against the darkest night

Time has been given as a gift

Our youth flowers but never fades

Focusing on what makes us beautiful

Our talents and traits to make us smile

Nothing will make us fall with our strength

In times of hope, we should stand tall

Praising our worth, no matter what is

Given to us each day, each year

30 Poems In 30 Days: Ticktock (Day 26)

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Ticktock by Christy V.


Each clock was set

Only seconds behind


Clocks surrounded her

Keeping her on track


Their sounds kept going

Like the rhythm of hearts


Her time is set every day

Working and waiting


She keeps going on

30 Poems In 30 Days: A Cupcake (Day 25)

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A Cupcake by Christy V.

Like lemon drop candy

Sweet but tangy

Spread everywhere

With favorite colors

Extra sprinkles on icing

Make any day special

Especially when you bake

30 Poems In 30 Days: Hopeful Happiness (Day 24)

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Hopeful Happiness by Christy V.

Suddenly the stars align

And what you wished for

Is at your fingertips

Everything all set up

Your happiness rises like

Notes in your favorite song

Suddenly you have hope

That the happiness you wished

For in your hardest moments

Is coming true through

A chance of something new

Yet you worry it won’t work out

Life is something you can’t predict

Stay hopeful because it’s better

Than worrying about everything

Happiness is in all the chances

And all the experiences you make

30 Poems In 30 Days: The Corgi (Day 23)

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The Corgi by Christy V.

She rests on the sand looking to the sea;

Warmth spreads through her coat,

Her nose smells everything.

The sky is as light as the sea;

She waits for nature to unfold,

She’s royal in all her essence.

30 Poems In 30 Days: Why I’m Not A Songwriter (Day 22)

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Why I’m Not A Songwriter by Christy V.

I am not a songwriter, I am a poet.

Why? You would think I would be.

How far is poet from songwriter?

You can be both, but I am not.

Both can write lyric poetry.

There’s more to writing songs

Than putting words on the page.

There are many songwriters

And one I wish could teach me.

Maybe someday I could be.

Nobody really showed me.

I was taught poetry,

I was taught how to sing,

I was taught how to sight-read.

Even to play piano and guitar,

Though I’m not good enough,

Maybe it’s because I need to work

On them with more determination.

Have you tried to write songs?

Yes, I have. In poetry class.

With a song writing book.

Nothing seems to work.

At least I can write everything else,

Except script writing,

Maybe someday.

30 Poems In 30 Days: Reach For The Stars (Day 21)

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Reach For The Stars by Christy V.

Dreams can come true

You were the son that

Returned home to perform

Singing each song ardently

Which made many proud

You kept finding ways

To make us smile

From jokes to stories

Told out loud for everyone

In between the spaces

No fireworks were necessary

You were the grand finale

As you ended the night

There were family and fans

Waiting to see you

With a hug of excitement

Photos and kind words

That’s how I remember you

Your talent continues

Just like your nerdy antics

Always striving for your dreams

You’re an inspiration to

Reach for the stars