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30 Poems In 30 Days: Poetry Therapy (Day 7)

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There are many struggles in life, but for me, sometimes it's finding the words to place onto the page. Writing is away to create new worlds, explore, and experience so many different emotions. Also to tell stories that matter. With reading we learn not only to write, but certain stories and characters will change us through out our lives. A proud Greek Latina. I’m Christy from South Texas.

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Poetry Therapy by Christy V.

There are thoughts always running

With moments like a blank page

Indescribable pain that flows

Skin that’s itchy for no reason

Dread that all will go wrong

Nothing ever seems good enough

Frozen in place unsure what to do

Emotions tumbling through

All the fears rolled up into one

Looked at like you’re too young

People asking if you’re okay

Doubting every decision made

Losing hope of your dreams

Smiling but breaking inside

Tired, it seems all the time

Heart racing through the night

Upset stomach in the morning

With a shortage of breath

Maybe it’s best to keep moving

Pushing the negative away

The way to fight is forward

Writing it all down to find

The piece of you that’s gone

Hopefully it will return soon

Everyone needs to understand

All is good besides your worries

With work, schedules, and pay

All you want is a vacation

Your mental health matters

You’ll be better eventually

Just not right now, that’s okay

Because you know you’ve been blessed

With amazing moments and talents to share

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