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Happy July 2019! Another Camp NaNoWriMo begins!

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Camp NaNo - April & July 2020

April & July 2019 Camp NaNo

There are many struggles in life, but for me, sometimes it's finding the words to place onto the page. Writing is away to create new worlds, explore, and experience so many different emotions. Also to tell stories that matter. With reading we learn not only to write, but certain stories and characters will change us through out our lives. A proud Greek Latina. I’m Christy from South Texas.

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I’m excited to get started on another Camp NaNoWriMo session, so much so that I’ve made a few changes to my blog. This time I’m doing something different from what I did in April 2019. I’m focusing mostly on an academic essay that I hope to publish in an anthology, and when I have time, write about my writing process on here, and also write poems and stories. I want to do as much as possible because I’m inspired with many ideas to make this session productive. I need your help. Your encouragement has helped me complete writing projects, and improve my writing. Please continue to do so. I really appreciate it. I’m thankful to continue to be part of an awesome virtual cabin of local writers from the South Texas Scribes. We work encourage each other to complete our writing goals. First of all, I’ve already have a good start on my essay, but I hope that camp will help me finish my first draft before the draft due date later this year, especially early enough to give me time to revise.

Additionally, I really enjoyed completing 30 poems in 30 days this past April. It really helped me grow as a poet, improve my mental health, and inspire me to take what was on my mind or going on during the month to become poems. Also many of the prompts from NaPoWriMo pushed me to write poems that I did not expect. Poetry, along with expressive writing (like personal narratives) are so important as outlets to let our minds explore our thoughts, our lives, and our world. Even though I don’t have those prompts this time, I do know where I can get prompts if I feel inspired to write poems, but not sure what to write about. As well as how to gather inspiration from my life and things that I enjoy to create new poems. The best part from April was that my writing lead me towards the chance to head to New York City for the first time during Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully I can write about my adventure there as a poem or a short story. That experience impacted me so much. I understand now why writers are drawn to write about that city. I’m grateful that I was able to take that trip for my 30th birthday (which lands this month). I’m not sure what else I might write this month, but I’m excited to see where my writing journey goes.

Check back here to see my updates for Camp NaNoWriMo, along with a special birthday post on July 3, and beyond. I can’t wait to share my writing progress, and any poems along the way. Right now, the future is very bright.

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