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Behind Door Number 3 (Birthday Poem)

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Behind Door Number 3 by Christy V.

I’ve gone through two doors before

Made my way through different paths

This year I see what’s behind number 3

Yet I still look back to see how the past

Made the present and opens the future

I see what I’ve accomplished, overcame,

The things I’ve dealt with, places I’ve been,

And everything I’ve ever loved, always

Makes me hopeful of door number 3

Yet some might say that I never finish

Left things when they got hard

That I don’t know what love is

What will you have at 30?

They never seem to understand

I know my value and who I am

Striving for the best version of me

When to fight and when to step back

My power is within me that’s my magic

My mind matters that I know

I find the path that works for me

So I can be, while making ripples

In the future that many cannot see

I don’t know what is ahead but

That’s the adventure I want and

The pages I can’t wait to write

It only takes a taste to know

That I want more of a life

That matters to me with

A blindfold and jumping

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