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The American Dream (Poem)

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The American Dream by Christy V.

I am the American detained

Told that my papers were fake

Told that I didn’t have rights

They didn’t believe me when

I said that I am an American

Because I spoke only in Spanish

When they finally released me

Days after detained with others

Wanting the American Dream


I am the son of an immigrant

My mother wanted me to have

A better life than she did in her

Country that she loved dearly

But destroyed by corruption

The travel wasn’t safe but

She knew it was worth the

Risk for the American Dream


I am the one to bring a voice

To the ones who are not given

A chance to speak for themselves

They are suffering with little

While Americans have so much

What is the American Dream?

The freedom to live without fear

To have a life with a better future

A chance for a good education

A job to help our families


Does the American Dream

Still exist? Who has the right

To this American Dream that

We all strive for and live towards

They say we should learn English

Why does that feel like we have

To forget where we come from

The American Dream should be

A mixture of languages and cultures

Living together for a better future

*Poet note: Poem inspired by the true stories on the southern border. I’m also a daughter of naturalized American citizen, who is originally from Mexico, and also a great-granddaughter of immigrants.

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