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30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: New Normal (Day 30)


When we return, we’ll be in the new normal

Let’s not rush there yet until it’s safe

We’ve lost too much already

It will take planning, work, and time

I believe it will be worth it when we do

We can see the changes now

A lot of people being more cautious

Technology used for good more than ever

We need it to educate, work remote, and connect

Yet not everyone has access and we must change that

Our new normal means wearing masks until a vaccine

Social distancing is the key, as much as we can

We can’t be part of intermission forever

So we need to create space in each building

Blended learning could be an educational revolution

We’ll need to be creative to change how we work

We can’t go back to the way things were

Only look back to the past to see all we’ve overcome

That even our difficulties lead us to victories

That even we cannot imagine yet

I’ve studied enough history and stories to know

We’ll find a new normal that changes the future

It’s up to all of us taking the best steps forward

I believe it will lead to better chapters ahead

By Christy V.

30 Poems, 30 Days: Lucky (Day 29)


He was fortunate to find a home at my aunt’s place

As time has passed details have drifted away

As my aunt’s life changed for the good

He had to find a new home

Before then when my aunt and uncle were away

I found myself making sure Lucky was okay

Did he have everything he needed?

As if I was serving a king

Even as a noblewoman, I still had some power

Nothing like my mother who’s anger he understood

He was mischievous when he was alone

He knew he was free to do as he pleased

Knocking things down or making a mess on the floor

But he knew he was fortunate to have a caring home

Everyone enjoyed his charming presence

When he wanted to be around others and pampered

Always there when we needed a bit of self-care

I wish my aunt had been able to keep him forever

As he was the only true pet I’ve ever cared for

As I was never given a pet like a cat, or a dog, as

My dad will never let me forget what happened to the fish

And insist that we still don’t have the space

But I know now Lucky wasn’t free

It would cost me a lot to have one like him

Even though he rested everywhere almost all the time

Maybe someday I’ll have a pet worth the cost

For now I’ll do my best to remember

One of the best, as Lucky will always be favored

By Christy V.

30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Writing Zone (Day 28)

Credit: Christy V.

When you’re a writer, even a poet,

Time seems all that you want

You write like you’re running out of time

When given the time, the space to write

You dread the blank page or finding errors

You don’t want perfection, but something that matters

Something that feels real, even if it’s fantasy

Your favorite space is when the words flow

Being in the zone is what you want

Imagining your characters telling you to finish

Hearing a voice that has something to say

Emotions that break through the page

Writing in your own way, no matter what,

If you’re not writing, it doesn’t feel right,

You find reading solace, especially for inspiration

When you have time, you want to be

Busy writing or reading because

That’s your favorite place to be

No matter where you’re at in space and time

Never interrupt Emily’s writing or mine

By Christy V.

30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Learning Curve (Day 27)


We’re living in the future, it’s a learning curve

Teachers and tutors are working from home

The world is breaking outside, home feels safe

There’s so many heroes sacrificing their lives

Even though things are new and tough

We’re the lucky ones to work from home

We’re finding ways to teach in new ways

We’re performing on a virtual stage

While audience feels distant, mostly focused

Students stressed about how they will learn

Sharing computers and finding free Wifi

Finding time and figuring how to live

We’re all trying to find time to get things done

We feel like we’re working more than ever before

We don’t know what lies ahead for us

We keep moving forward as best as we can

Making self-care a priority to have the strength

Teachers and tutors do all they can

To help others with less pay because

Education matters with everything

The learning curve is worth it at the end

By Christy V.

30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Almanac Fantasy (Day 26)


At the sparkling city by the bay

There is a woman who grew up dreaming

To be an author of stories and poems

She ponders now about walking about

To see and hear the art downtown

Where down an alley you might find a cat

On the street you might find walking a lost dog

Where there is no Victorian architecture

Every building works for those who need it

Now many areas, as the border, silent

Or at least less quiet than in the past

She imagines walking around not in heat

But weather cool and cloudy, with enough

To grow purple daisies in the wild

And a rabbit emerges from its home,

See the baby turtles reach the sea,

And waiting to bake Christmas cookies

Romance for her is a fantasy novel

Desiring to find a loyal giver that

Will take her, in a tea length dress,

For British tea and Jammie Dodgers,

Adventures to see to her favorite artist,

And explore her favorite locations

Someone who will be sincerely hers

And find resources for distance learning

Love like flying on a pegasus without getting hurt

Everything she imagines now seems like fantasy

By Christy V.

30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Dyad (Day 25)


She went back to the island that had connected them

Even though people, including her friends

Didn’t want her to go, she went anyway to stay

This time she wasn’t running away or hiding

She knew that she needed time by herself

She lost a part of herself that was a part of him

Even though she knew he would always be with her

It didn’t feel like it was enough, no one understood

She knew that he sacrificed everything for her

She wanted to believe there was a reason

She would learn in nine months time

Why she survived to birth two who looked like him

A boy and a girl, it was like history to repeat

Later he came to her as a ghost to tell her it was time

She found her babies training in defense, and

She told them it was time to get off the island

They were needed to defend the galaxy

Just as the dyad did years before

His ghostly presence stood next to them

Which made them four, ready to take on the future

The flowers she had gathered awaited on the rocky shore

By Christy V.

30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Blueberries (Day 24)


Blueberries in the supermarket

We forget where they come from

Unlike how they are seen in the wild

Lucky are those who plant blueberry bushes

As they are always available when they’re in season

Did you know you could grow blueberries in a container?

Protected from the elements until harvest or you move them

Usually we only think of one blueberry, but there’s a variety

Even those that are pink, and used in many ways

Leaves made as tea to strengthen our blood

Best as a snack, or baked within a pie

But no one asks why they’re blue

By Christy V.

30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Bright Idea (Day 23)


Bring your bright idea forward

Right you may be, but you may never know

Invent something unique or create a different path

Go farther with listening and working together

Help those who need assistance to create

Try to imagine what the future holds

Image between art and science

Definition by design

Eager you may be to start

Achievement is more than success

30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: The Earth & Beyond (Day 22) – Earth from the Moon

Eso es griego para mí

When I think of science, I think of the Greeks

I know a bit but I wish I knew more

Just like I wish I knew more of the Earth and the Moon

My knowledge of the constellations feels like knowing

One star in the whole galaxy that I wish I could explore

If you asked me about all the plants we have

I would search a book in a library or talk to someone

Just like I would about the animals in the sea

I know things, but it’s never enough

To convince the world to save the Earth

No matter what I learn, I find adventure galore

Exploring every part of nature holds

If I get a chance to take photos of what I see

Take it home as treasure to remember

No matter time and space

It’s all worth saving as much as the universe

είμαι ανοιχτό βιβλίο, and I’m ready to write

By Christy V.

30 Poems, 30 Days 2020: Estrellas de Cumpleaños (Day 21)


Vemos las estrellas de tu cumpleaños

Lucha para llegar a las estrellas en la galaxia

Nunca sabes que puedes hacer con pasión

Tengo fe que tu vas ser un estrella en tu versión

Tu día es especial para todos en el mundo

Y también en sur de Tejas

Vas a encontrar aventuras en historia y vida

Toma todas las oportunidades que pudes

Nunca puedes saber que va a ocurrir

Pero creo que vas a tener mucha magia

Con las estrellas de tu cumpleaños

We will see your birthday stars

Fight to reach the stars in the galaxy

You never know what you can do with passion

I have faith that you will be a star in your version

Your day is special for everyone in the world

And those in South Texas

You will find adventures in stories and in life

Take all the opportunities that you can

You never know what can happen

But I believe you will have a lot of magic

With your birthday stars

By Christy V.