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A Different First Day of Class

I went through several classes today [Wednesday], and I wasn’t even a student. Or a teacher. I was actually a job shadow. It is when someone either a student, or non-student adult, wanting to experience a certain career opportunity. A shadower will follow someone in their field of interest and observe their daily work. Though could a shadower not only learn but receive inspiration? You’ll find out.

I decided to follow my friend Jennifer who teaches, at the local university, freshman seminar. The first day of classes started today. Tomorrow will be another first day for another set of classes. At first it was such an odd feeling because it was something new to me. I didn’t know what I would tell her classes when it was time to introduce myself. In each class period, it felt like I forgot a few things I wanted to mention, and remembered to say other things. So even though the class was almost the same, it still felt different. It was almost the same feeling for Jennifer as well. Though she was far more prepared than I was… which makes sense, right? No matter what happened, she seemed to keep going and figure out what to do. (more…)